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                 North Perry Pee Wees’ Mission Statement

North Perry Pee Wee Association’s mission is to provide quality, competitive athletic instructional programs that promote teamwork, build self-confidence, and increase skills knowledge in a safe non- threatening environment. Fostering personal growth as well as athleticism, forever impacting young kids lives in a manner that will help them always have the skills needed to make excellent life decisions.

Our Vision is to enable young children to have the confidence to grow and develop into strong young men and woman who understand the value of hard work and the impact of our daily decisions. Ultimately becoming people who understand; that regardless of their economic background, or upbringing, having the courage and willingness to work hard for what you want will always pay off.


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North Perry Contact Information

Phone #:(360) 478-7203

P.O. Box 2673
Bremerton, WA 98310

Board/Chair Member Contacts

President – Chris Conner

First Vice President – Leslie Alsteen

Second Vice President -  Sid Williams

Treasurer - Tim Cornell

Secretary - Maria Troupe

Registrar – Jaime Patnode

Fundraiser - Hannah Gillick


Baseball Coordinator – Chris Conner

Basketball Coordinator – Kat Shaw

Cheer Coordinator - Jessica Williams

Football Coordinator - Sid Williams

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